Utah 24-7 Sobriety Program

What is Utah’s 24-7 Sobriety Program?

Prior to the Utah 24-7 Sobriety Program, Defendants facing a DUI had very limited options to keep their driver licenses.  The Utah Legislature then increased the penalties for DUI including forcing mandatory jail time for even first time DUIs under certain circumstances.  The Utah 24-7 Sobriety Program can give certain offenders a chance to avoid some or all of the jail time in a DUI case and to keep their driver license.

Where is it available?

Currently the program exists in almost all Utah Counties.  Even if your county does not offer the program, it may be possible to enter the program in another county for your DUI.

One benefit of The Sobriety Program is being able to avoid some of the jail time required in a DUI case

What is the purpose of the Sobriety Program?

The program was developed to reduce criminal recidivism in the realm of DUIs and is intended to give defendants an incentive to remain sober and address any alcohol abuse or addiction issues.

How does the Sobriety Program work?

The program is an accountability program with immediate sanctions for violations of maintaining sobriety.  A person in the program is subject to ongoing alcohol testing if their DUI involved alcohol or random drug testing if the DUI involved drugs.  The participant must either go to the local police station and provide a breath sample twice a day or must wear a SCRAM bracelet which monitors continuously for alcohol consumption through a sensor on the skin.  Most participates at Bangerter Law Firm opt to use the SCRAM device instead of daily breath testing.

A first-time offender must participate in the 24-7 sobriety program for at least 30 days.  A second-time offender must participate for a year.  A judge may decide that a person must participate for longer periods.

Defendants over 21 years old with a DUI involving alcohol or drugs may participate in the program.  Defendants with a refusal or under 21 are not currently eligible.  Bangerter Law Firm can assist you in applying with the State and DLD for a letter of eligibility for the program.

The main benefit to participating in the program is the benefit of keeping your driver license valid.

The other benefit is being able to avoid some, or all, of the jail time required in a DUI case.

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