Felony and Misdemeanor

Being charged with a criminal offense as Felony and Misdemeanor can be a terrifying experience. You should never stand in front of a judge without an experienced attorney by your side.

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Criminal defense is part art, part science. It is important to understand the Utah State Code, case-law and the constitutional rights that are associated with each charged offense. That’s the science part.

It is also important to understand the courts and personnel where you have been charged. What is the judge’s background? What particular issues does this particular prosecutor usually focus on?

What is the best way to effectively communicate a client’s side of the story to the prosecutor and the judge? What negotiation style will be most effective with all involved? This is the art of criminal defense.

The approach, the style, the strategy. This cannot be taught in law school. This is learned over years of practice in courts over thousands of cases.

When charged with any criminal offense, you should employ every advantage that will help your case and preserve your constitutional rights.

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