Sex Crimes

When everything is on the line, count on our experience to guide you. 

Sex Crimes in the State of Utah carry some of the most significant penalties of any offense.

5 years, 15 years, 25 years of mandatory imprisonment.  These numbers can be terrifying.

Let Bangerter Law Firm assist you in the most troubling time of your life.  We have represented individuals charged with rape, aggravated child abuse, unlawful sexual activity with a minor, unlawful adolescent sexual activity, object rape, sexual abuse of a minor, forcible sodomy, forcible sexual abuse, and aggravated sexual assault.

In many cases, we have been able to help our clients avoid decades-long imprisonment.

Don’t hesitate to call Bangerter Law Firm when you are facing such serious allegations. We recognize they are only allegations.  There is always more to the story. An aggressive investigation is necessary in order to build your customized defense.

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