Drug Crimes - Controlled Substance Possession

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Utah courts take drug possession very seriously.  Bangerter Law Firm understands that drug possession and addiction are not reflective of your moral character. We will handle your case with respect and compassion.

Controlled Substance Possession

The most common possession charges in Utah are for marijuana, meth, and cocaine.  Whether your case involves those controlled substances or others, Bangerter Law Firm can help.

Possession charges necessarily involve search and seizure law and the various concepts of possession such as constructive possession.

The Utah legislature has recently reduced the penalties for most simple drug possession charges.  A Plea in Abeyance may be an excellent option for your case, which could result if the full dismissal of your charges (after you have completed certain requirements.)

There are multiple drug courts within the State of Utah, which can be a beneficial option for some cases.  The bottom line is that each drug possession case is unique and requires a customized defense.

Drug transportation through Utah

The Utah Highway Patrol has increased their drug investigation activities significantly over the last several years.  There are officers specifically assigned to the I-80 highway that passes through Summit County from California to the mid-west and Chicago area.  This highway is considered to be a drug corridor by many law enforcement agencies. 

Officers will look for rental cars and drivers that look out of place and then find a minor traffic violation, which will allow them to stop the vehicle.  The officers will then ask many questions to the driver while a dog drug search is executed. 

It is important that you understand your rights in this situation and ensure that all constitutional requirements were met by the arresting officer. 

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