Poaching Allegations

A hunter representing fellow hunters.

Unlawful Taking – Wanton Destruction of Protected Wildlife – Trespassing – Poaching Allegations

Very few attorneys have the background and experience Bangerter Law Firm has in representing and understanding Utah’s laws regarding wildlife resources, hunting, and associated violations.

Jarom Bangerter has worked as a prosecutor focused on wildlife violations in the State of Alaska, has a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife from Utah State University, and is an avid hunter.

Bangerter Law Firm understands that your hunting rights are extremely important to you.  These include your gun rights, your ability to engage in hunting and fishing next season, and keeping your expensive hunting gear and equipment from being seized by law enforcement.

If you have had a hunting mishap, I guarantee that the State of Utah will take it extremely seriously. The fines and penalties associated with even minor violations can be daunting. Furthermore, administrative revocations that the Utah Division of Wildlife can take are long-lasting and serious.

Whether your mistake was innocent or not, you need an experienced sportsman and lawyer by your side. Bangerter Law Firm is ready to help.

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