Utah 24-7 Sobriety Program

What is Utah’s 24-7 Sobriety Program? Prior to the Utah 24-7 Sobriety Program, Defendants facing a DUI had very limited options to keep their driver licenses.  The Utah Legislature then increased the penalties for DUI including forcing mandatory jail time for even first time DUIs under certain circumstances.  The Utah 24-7 Sobriety Program can give […]

Marijuana DUI – Staying Out of Jail

There are two distinct ways in which you may wind up facing a charge of driving under the influence in Utah. Unlike a charge of driving while intoxicated, which means authorities believed you were drunk driving, a DUI charge means authorities suspect you are under the influence of either a controlled substance, such as marijuana, […]

Protective Order and Effect on Your Gun Rights

Utah victims of domestic violence, family violence, sexual assault, or a similar offense may wish to seek protection from their abusers in the form of a temporary protective order. These court orders place certain restrictions on respondents, or those served with these temporary orders, that may prevent them from going certain places, initiating contact with certain […]

Utah Medical Marijuana – Legal Use

To possess or use marijuana legally in Utah, you need to have a valid medical cannabis card issued by the Utah Department of Health. In 2018, state lawmakers approved the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, allowing the use of cannabis among cardholders. The medical marijuana ballot initiative gives Utah patients a means to obtain and use […]

A Primer on Utah Medical Marijuana

Legal as a medicinal treatment for authorized users in Utah since 2018, medical marijuana has since become available for purchase at a number of dispensaries across the state, with more in the works. Because the medical marijuana industry is so new and the state’s medical marijuana laws continue to change, there are many questions surrounding […]

Marijuana: What you should know to stay out of jail

Few plants have an as controversial history as marijuana. The fact that every state has its own laws and guidelines about the use of cannabis products only causes more confusion and generates more questions. Once believed by many to be a dangerous “gateway drug” that was often a precursor to the use of other, more […]

First DUI in Utah – a fight of a lifetime

A charge of driving under the influence may have you feeling anxious about potential jail time and other consequences, particularly if aggravating circumstances surround your offense. Often, a first DUI winds up being a misdemeanor offense or conviction rather than a felony one.  However, even misdemeanor DUIs carry substantial penalties in Utah, which might include […]

Felony DUI in Utah

When authorities in Utah charge you with driving under the influence, you may feel anxious about the penalties and possible jail or prison time you may face if your charge leads to a conviction. You may have additional concerns if the charge you face is for felony DUI rather than a misdemeanor offense because the […]

DUI vs Impaired Driving – What is the Difference?

Following an arrest for drunk driving in Utah, you may hear your DUI attorney use the terms “DUI” and “Impaired Driving.” While both terms have to do with driving with alcohol, there are some very important differences between the two – including the penalties associated with each.   What Is the Difference Between DUI and Impaired […]

DLD Administrative Hearing – 10-Day Mandatory Deadline

From the moment you receive a DUI arrest in Utah, you only have 10 days to file a written request for an administrative hearing with the Utah DLD regarding your driver’s license.  If you do not request such a DLD hearing or request one outside the 10-day period, you will automatically have a license suspension […]