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Jarom Bangerter is an experienced and successful criminal defense attorney in Park City, Salt Lake City and Heber Utah. He is here to protect your freedoms.

Jarom will help you understand your legal rights and options. Jarom has handled virtually every form of criminal charges in Utah: theft, drug possession, DUI, sex crimes, assault, terrorism, domestic violence, gun crimes, animal cruelty charges, you name it – we’ve seen it, and can work with you on the best resolution to the matter.

Let Bangerter Law Firm’s experience, passion for excellence, and drive to succeed work for you.


About Jarom Bangerter


Jarom has settled thousands of felony and misdemeanor cases in Salt Lake City, Park City and Heber City Utah with very successful results. As a former prosecutor, Jarom has unique insights and valuable knowledge of the criminal justice system and how to fight it. He will develop a unique and effective strategy for each of his clients.


When you are charged with a crime, it can be a very difficult and nerve-wracking experience. Jarom does everything in his power to lessen your stress, answer all of your questions, and openly explain each part of the process, so you can understand where your case stands at all times.

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You Probably Have Questions

As a criminal defense lawyer in Salt Lake City, Park City and Heber City Utah, Jarom will take the time to get to know you and understand every detail of the case.  Jarom will obtain all the evidence if your case – the police reports, videos, toxicology reports, witness statements and all other information that State has in their case.  He will find the best path forward keeping in mind what each client’s goal is in the case.  If the case needs to go to trial, Jarom will prepare the case for a jury or the judge with every defense available.  Jarom will negotiate on your behalf, stand with you in all court hearings and advocate for your freedom.  

Above all, Jarom believes in keeping his clients up-to-date in their cases, understanding their rights, and explaining all legal options to them.

As a defense attorney, Jarom represents the person, or persons, who have been accused of a crime. His objective, if said case goes to trial, is to defend his client against the prosecutor’s case. On the other hand, a prosecutor represents the city, county, or state in criminal cases. Generally speaking, they are a representative of the District Attorney.

Yes. The state of Utah has the lowest BAC limit for drivers vs. all other states in the U.S. The nationwide average BAC limit for drivers is 0.08, in Utah, the BAC limit for drivers is 0.05. Jarom is a DUI defense attorney who will work to reduce charges, get a reduced sentence, or help get DUI charges totally dropped.

The exact cost of law services depend entirely on the particulars of your case. Jarom understands that you may not have the necessary funds readily available at the time of service, so he offers a range of different rates, structures, and payment plans for all his clients.  Jarom’s prices are competitive for the level of services provided.  Jarom offers flat fee representations that include all hearings, motions and even trial.  You will not have unexpected expenses.  

Absolutely! The purpose of a defense lawyer is to understand all implications of your case.  A reduction or shift to a different type of charge may allow you to keep your job, your license, your home, scholarship, etc.  Each case is unique and each client’s goals are unique.  It is important to have someone on your side that can get you to where you want to be.  

Rachel Blackham
Rachel Blackham
My former lawyer represented me at pretrial, reducing my charge from DUI to impaired driving. Then he left me. Called Mr. Bangerter this morning to see if he’d represent me at trial. In 15 minutes, he told me exactly what I needed to do to be ready for trial. Said that I just need to show the judge that I’ve accomplished everything he asked for at pretrial. Saved me a LOT of money! Call Mr. Bangerter first BEFORE any of the others!!! Thank you!!! Rachel
Teila Witt
Teila Witt
Incredible lawyer! Jarom was very quick and responsive as well as thorough and attentive. My case that he handled is a year old and he got me a really good deal. Then, over a year later, after I thought this case wasn’t an issue anymore, the court messed up my case and gave me a charge that would’ve been detrimental to my career. BUT, I reached out to Jarom and even though the case was old and he could’ve brushed me off, he contacted the court right away and had the situation straightened out within 3 days. He’s quick, efficient, and cares about his clients. When I first called the court myself, they didn’t really care. But when Jarom contacted them, moves were made. Trust this man with your case! He knows what he’s doing.
Laurel Housinger
Laurel Housinger
Great lawyer! 100% responsive and answered all my questions in a timely and effective manner. Could not recommend Jarom enough!
Emily Chu
Emily Chu
Great person to work with. Cares about his clients and gets cases resolved quick.
Kirby Baynes
Kirby Baynes
Experience was efficient and relatively easy
Danny Vidal
Danny Vidal
Hire this man immediately!!!! Knowledgeable, efficient, effective and will have your back through the court process. I’m ecstatic over the outcome of my case having Jarom Bangerter in my corner. 💯💪🏼
Lauren Kennedy
Lauren Kennedy
Jarom, is the best Criminal Defense Attorney in Utah. And, I say that with great conviction. He is diligent, particular and straightforward. He pulls no punches and sticks to facts and the truth. I hope I never need him again; But, I would hire Jarom Bangerter Law firm in a heartbeat if I did. Thank you Jarom, for giving me my life back.
Kaeli Herrera
Kaeli Herrera
10/10 Lawyer! Jarom is responsive, and makes you feel super secure. He made everything painless and easy. Will 100% recommend to anybody who needs to hire an attorney.